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The Episcopal Service

The Episcopal Church (so named because it is a denomination that is essentially governed by Bishops) has over the years preserved in its liturgical practice that which has stood the test of time by being the very best of the early church traditions (regarding the liturgical practice of Holy Communion) while at the same time preserving the best of the Protestant traditions regarding the preaching, teaching, and celebration of the Word of God through Scripture. It strives at all times to maintain an equal balance between Word (Scripture and preaching) and Sacrament (the celebration of the Holy Communion or Eucharist). The picture above shows the beginning of the Palm Sunday service that begins behind the church on the parish grounds as a variation of this Episcopal Service.

With many variations from place to place and among peoples with different traditions, the central practices have several elements in common: the use of the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed as the core statement of belief, the preservation of the two basic sacraments found in Scripture (Baptism and the Eucharist), and the use of the Book of Common Prayer.

Once or twice per year, Father Williams prepares a special annotated Order of Service that explains the origin of the many traditions of the Episcopal Church's liturgical practices.