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THIS SUNDAY, September 21 after the 11:00 service
Whether you are new to St. Stephen’s, wondering what opportunities are available to become involved in the life of the parish, or a long-time member who has always thought about joining the usher team or altar guild, plan to attend the Ministry Fair.  Representatives from each group will be in the church yard to answer your questions, share their enthusiasm, and encourage your participation.  Group Leaders are asked to contact Nicole Watts or Joe Sylvan about having a table at the Ministry Fair! 

For more information, please contact Nicole Watts at (843) 766-0160, (843) 819-1585, or,
or Joe Sylvan at (843) 425-6024 or



Margaret Seymour, whose Aunt Margaret Harris entered Resurrection Life
Clif Titus
Janie Sylvan

Edna Prestes (aunt of Iris Carson)
LaShawn Watson and Family
Andrew William Hoyle (son of Erin Bailey and David Hoyle) 
Jennifer and Liam Jonathan Eaddy
Christina Mercer
Colin Watts

Sophie Malaviya
Donna Runey
Linda Lear
Linda Ketner
Nellie Russell
Don Tomlin
Barbara Eckert
The Reverend Alan B. Houghton
Ann Epting
Evelyn Gore
Fred Pittman
Roseanne Bowles
Katie Budds
Danny, the canine companion animal of Herbert Drayton, Jr. 


Sally Moran's cat "Fat Cat" needs help with feeding and shots, as well as company. 
If you'd like to help, please contact Sally's son Jerry at (843) 367-3700.


A Note from Susan Roehrich:
With great pleasure I would like to announce that Vicki Ravenel will be taking over the leadership of our Women’s Potluck Dinner group!  Most of you know Vicki – She and her husband William came to St. Stephen’s about two years ago, and both have jumped into the life of the Parrish with both feet!  Vicki did a wonderful job organizing and leading the Silent Auction for the Heritage Barbeque this past year, and is always in attendance and supportive of the many St. Stephen’s functions and events.  She will be a wonderful leader for this group, and her enthusiasm is limitless and contagious!  Vicki will be at the Ministry Fair on September 21 representing Women’s Potluck Dinners, so stop by to see the schedule for 2015 and sign up to be a hostess.
I have enjoyed serving as leader of this wonderful group for many years, and have made wonderful friendships with the amazing ladies of our Parrish!  I am sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who served as hostesses; we always had more volunteers than months to fill!  I am now very happy to step into the role of chair for New Members, and look forward to welcoming new people to our special family at St. Stephen’s.

The Women of St. Stephen's get together monthly on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. in each other's homes. The hostess usually provides a main course, and everyone brings a side dish or dessert to share. It is a wonderful way to spend time together, deepening friendships and making new ones.

If you have questions, please contact Susan Roehrich at (843) 819-0083.

Hostess: Caroline Eddy
3121 Treadwell Street
Mt. Pleasant, 29466
(843) 475-2426 


Hostess: LaNelle Barber
1883 Bowen's Island Road
Charleston, 29412
(843) 870-0962

Hostess: Elizabeth Hills
3022 Scuba Drive
Charleston, 29414
(843) 437-7910


Mark your calendars!

Our annual Blessing of the Animals will be Sunday, October 5, in the garden, at 2:00 P.M. Please bring leashed, crated, or restrained pets of all species. Stuffed animals and pictures of pets who have gone before us are also welcome. Donations of food, toys, and supplies to Pet Helpers gratefully welcomed.


For the third year, St. Stephen's will participate in the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired's Refocus on Children program. Volunteers are needed to assist with this needed and valuable program, which serves young children in Title I schools in Charleston County. These children are professionally tested and, if needed, supplied with prescription glasses at no charge to their families.

Volunteers stay with the children (ages 4 and 5) while they wait to be tested. Our previous volunteers have enjoyed helping with this program. If you think you might be interested in participating or would like more information about the program, please contact Judy Sawyer at (843) 577-5183 or


Saturday, October 11 at 10:00 A.M.

Hampton Park, City of Charleston

Invited: All children pre-K through 5th grade, plus parents and friends.  Attendees should meet and gather at the four picnic tables at the bridge by the lagoon.  There are designated parking areas, clearly indicated with signage.  Parking is on the perimeter of the park, the north side.  There will be no charge for our use of the park.

What: A blessing by St. Stephen's Episcopal Church of tools for learning and transport, including a PARADE OF BIKE

Cost: Free, but each mobile child must bring a school backpack and either a bike, tricycle, or scooter - or other device for mobility if disabled

On-site organizers:Wendy Dunigan 

Volunteers needed for
1) decorations for bikes,
2) promotion and publicity, and
3) onsite refreshments

Further details to follow soon........

If you are interested and curious, please contact Nancy Muller at (843) 768-8640 [home] or (843) 367-3400 [cell].


9:45 TO 10:30 AM
(Bring your own refreshments)

Knowing more about our Episcopal traditions is what Inquirer's Sessions are all about. Either as an adult or an adolescent, we all need to know where we have come from and where we might be going in the future as a denomination. Inquirer's Sessions are not just about Confirmation and Reception into the Episcopal Church. They are geared toward helping "old-timers" and "newcomers" to understand where we as a church position ourselves on a variety of topics.

Over the years I've been asked questions that have intrigued me and caused me to re-think my own positions. For example this question:

"When I take Communion, am I really to believe that I am consuming the Body and Blood of Jesus, or is this mostly a symbolic act?"

Another question with real importance:

"We all stand to affirm our faith according to the Nicene Creed almost all the time. Is that the only statement of faith in the Episcopal Church and, while I'm saying it, do I actually have to believe what I'm saying?"

Are we a church of "seekers" or basically expect that everyone be a "believer?" Do we check our intellect at the door, or are we allowed to think both broadly and deeply?"

And finally, "what is the Anglican Communion, really . . . and how do we relate to it from where we worship?"

Truth is that the Episcopal Church and its ethos is something that takes a lifetime to absorb. Its history, liturgy, theology and overall "feel" takes time to sink in, but it has to start somewhere. Inquirer's Sessions are the beginning whether you have been around the Episcopal Church for years or are just getting started.

To get all of us started, I'm going to be offering a series of Saturday Sunday Morning 45 minute sessions in Stephen's Hall beginning on the following Sundays:

September 14

September 21

October 5

October 12

ALL SESSIONS - 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM

(Note that I'll be away on September 28th)

During these four sessions all are invited to bring your own coffee and if needed, something to nibble on. You won't be expected to read a book since I will try to get information to you as the sessions proceed. Attendance will not be taken; you can come as you wish. Of course, if you are interested in Confirmation or Reception it would be helpful if you could attend all five sessions. To get started, just email me at

Father Williams




At this Service the Bishop will Preach, Confirm, and Celebrate, and by "Confirming," he will bring into full membership in the Episcopal Church those who have been preparing for that moment. A reception will follow.


On September 24, the Wednesday study group will meet at noon in Stephen’s Hall to discuss The Acts of the Apostles.

All are invited to attend. Please read Acts chapters 2 and 3, before coming.

For questions or further information, please contact Alan Arthur at (843) 971-7644 or


THE TIME HAS COME FOR ST. STEPHEN'S TO HAVE AN ALTAR FRONTAL that would be used on festive (and not so festive) occasions.

We will receive a matching dollar-for-dollar gift for every donation we receive for the Altar Frontal, up to $2,750. 

For many years we have had a design but it had no one who would be able to provide the expense of having it completed.

Altar Frontals are simply a large piece of brocade silk with a color appropriate for its use (such as the one we are thinking of which would be white) that covers the Altar in the front and on each side. Sometimes the frontal will actually encompass the whole Altar on all four sides.

On a regular Sunday-to-Sunday basis the frontal is not used since its color determines when it would be used.

For example, the front we have in mind would be white and would be used for the following occasions:



  • ALL FUNERALS (Where a Holy Communion is celebrated)

  • ALL BAPTISMS (Where a Holy Communion is celebrated)

  • ALL WEDDINGS (Where a Holy Communion is celebrated)

The front of the Frontal would be appliqued with appropriate liturgical design.

The approximate cost of such a Frontal is in the vicinity of $5,500. It could become a gift of one person or family as a memorial, or a group of persons (indeed, the entire congregation) could finance this project. Please also note that the Frontal would only be used on the occasions mentioned above. The rest of the church year the Altar would be left in its lovely simplicity just as it is.

Anyone interested in this project should contact the Rector by email at or call him directly at (843) 722-0038.


Please note that parking enforcement is in effect promptly at 1:00 P.M. on Sundays.

Please remember not to use ANY dashboard cards.  Since they no longer are of any use, PLEASE, to ensure continued good relationships with our neighbors, remove and destroy them.


Crisis Ministries is now One80 Place, one of our Mission Partners. The mission of One80 Place is to provide food, shelter, and hope to end homelessness and hunger one person at a time, one family at a time. Along with the new name, they are finishing construction of a new homeless support center at 573 Meeting Street, with 110 beds, including 40 beds dedicated for veterans.

One80 is in need of new WHITE twin sheet sets- including the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow cases. Please bring twin sheet sets to the Parish Office before or after our weekend services, or during Parish Office hours (9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Tuesdays through Thursdays).

Thank you for supporting One80 Place!

 For more information, please contact Iris Carson at (843) 795-2819 or


St. Stephen's has been a long time faithful supporter of various community and faith based organizations in the world outside of our parish. Our Mission Committee's purpose is to share our congregation's strong belief in assisting organizations that help others help themselves, as well as organizations that provide comfort and safety to many who desperately need it. We continue our commitment to our neighbors and friends and want to share some of the highlights with all of you.

Currently, there are 11 mission partners we stand behind. Let's face it...some need money in the form of donations, and others are just grateful to know that a caring, friendly face regards them highly enough to share their time to volunteer. Volunteering can be so fulfilling!

At our most recent meeting, we divided the remainder of our Mission funds for the year to the following groups:

Association for the Blind - Refocus Program

Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy

Magdalene House of Charleston

Briefly, the Refocus Program provides eyeglasses for underserved children in Title 1 schools. Later this fall they will screen upwards of 3,000 four- to five-year-olds. Poor vision can negatively impact a child's ability to learn. In an effort to start them off on the right foot, the program provides vision screenings and glasses for those in need. If you'd like to help, the Refocus Program is currently looking for volunteers to assist with these screenings. Please contact Judy Sawyer at (843) 577-5183 or for more details by mid-September. Volunteers must be pre-screened.

The Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy provides pastoral care and counseling to employees and families of emergency service agencies as well as the general public. They assist the Coroner's office, the Mobile Crisis Unit, and SWAT in local emergency situations. In addition, the Chaplaincy also provides support for victims of crime or those who have lost family members in an unexpected manner.

The Magdalene House aims to provide skills and coping training to their residents with a goal of improving their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Participants are invited to partake in a two year program which aims to offer a chance for recovery from addiction and an opportunity for safe housing.

Further help is provided to One Eighty Place (formerly Crisis Ministries), Charleston Area Senior Citizens, Florence Crittenton Programs, HIV/AIDS Ministry, Hollings Cancer Center, Star Gospel Mission, and the Episcopal Relief and Development organization, which is global in its scope. We help sponsor these organizations with volunteers and/or donations, depending on the need. We hope you keep them in mind when thinking about mission through our congregation. Future letters from the Mission Committee will keep you abreast of upcoming volunteer opportunities and feedback from those we have been fortunate enough to be of service to. Make sure to stop by the Mission table at the Ministry Fair on Sunday, September 21 after the 11:00 service for more information about our partner agencies as well as volunteer opportunities!


The Thursday evening Bible Class meets at 6:00 P.M. in Stephen's Hall.  The group has prayer time, discussion of the lessons to be used on the following Sunday, and then a chosen study decided upon by the class participants.

The group has begun a new lesson of study, reading and reflecting on the Book of James. Study guides will be provided. Please join us as we experience wonderful fellowship, lively discussions, and spiritual time with each other as we strive to understand more fully God's Word and its message for our lives.

If you have further questions, please contact Mary Lou Titus at (843) 737-2693.